The Doll Manufactory

Nanchen Dolls have been hand made in a small manufactory in Martinhagen/Schauenburg since 1983. Martinhangen is located about 15 km to the west of Kassel, on the periphery of the Harbichtswald Nature Park.In our company building, somewhat hidden at the foot of the Martinstein hill, lived one of the first tailors of this 1500 strong village.

Today, no less than 15 employees work on producing Nanchen Dolls. The doll’s faces are hand-painted directly in the manufactory. Due to the dolls being individually hand-painted, each and every one is given its own character. Only materials from controlled organic cultivation and controlled organic farming are used for Nanchen Natur products. Nanchen Dolls are sold worldwide.

On top of the many retailers in Europe who sell Nanchen Dolls, there are many businesses and internet providers which belong to our group of buyers. Due to their timeless look Nanchen natural products have been present in the high-quality toy market for over 30 years.

In 2012, we, Janah von Buttlar and Juliane Krueger, took over Nanchen Natur from its previous owners, Nana and Peter Sendke. We continue to lead this traditional company with great joy and vigour just as they would have wanted. As children, we too played with the beautiful Nanchen Natur dolls and would love to give your children the same joy and pleasure we had with our high-quality hand-made products.

Kind regards from the Doll Workshop